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NuWave Microsoft Teams Direct Routing SolutionsNuWave Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Solutions

Partner Hosted Architecture
Teams Direct Routing, Partner Hosted Architecture, Voice Solutions

Full UCaaS solution, replace on-prem PBX or inferior Hosted Voice/UC Services

Chat in teams, privately one-on-one or in groups. Audio and video calls are just a click away and notifications and chat history ensure everyone is kept up to date. Access Microsoft Teams on any device with confidence knowing it’s been built with enterprise-level security from Office 365.

Our solutions use Office365, Microsoft Teams Phone System, and NuWave calling plans to provide you a more flexible & cost effective Microsoft Phone System.

NuWave calling plans differ from Microsoft Calling Plans because we offer a SHARED plan so every user does not need a dedicated calling plan. Additionally, NuWave offers unlimited inbound calls at no additional charge.

Eliminate the need for on-premise PBX hardware and avoid costly capital expenditures.

The quick deployment time for NuWave’s Teams infrastructure translates into reduced time to market and enables you to benefit from the latest technology with predictable, fixed monthly OpEx costs.

What is Direct Routing (Partner Hosted Architecture)?

Direct Routing is Cloud Voice solution that works with Microsoft Teams Phone System.

No on-prem SBC equipment or expertise required – NuWave’s network hosts your Teams Voice in the cloud and we manage everything outside your tenant.

Our geo-redundunt, carrier grade network seamlessly supports all your Teams PSTN calling needs and we have not experienced a customer facing service outage in over 8 years.

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A Hub for Teamwork & Collaboration

Give your team the information they need, right in Office 365. Chat, content, and tools are all in the team workspace. File Storage, Channels by project, team, SharePoint, or OneNote and more!

Customize for each Team and Content needs

Tailor your workspace to include the content and capabilities your team needs every day. Tabs and Connectors provide quick access to frequently used documents, websites and 3rd party apps.

Fully Integrate

Microsoft Teams fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook email and calendars, SharePoint, the Microsoft Office suite, CRM software and a variety of other services for maximum convenience and efficiency.

Secure, Reliable, and Customized

We deliver enterprise voice, IM, presence, audio/video conferencing, web collaboration, screen sharing, federation and much more over our own world-class, carrier-grade, georedundant network.

One Stop Platform

Microsoft Teams delivers a one-stop platform backed by the expertise and resources of a global partner, empowering you to develop a centralized strategy for secure, seamless Unified Communications.

Why Microsoft Teams

with NuWave’s Network
Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365

It empowers you build a team environment dedicated to that project, campaign, or department, enabling the team to communicate in real time, make fast decisions and share content as a group. It cuts across organizational boundaries by allowing private chats or group conversations take place from anywhere and across mobile, desktop or browsers. The work that traditionally required an in-person meeting happens right in the hub—through chat, calls, smaller group video conferences, and shared files—faster than before and from virtually anywhere.

Teams is the fastest growing business app in Microsoft History!


Organizations use Teams


Fortune 100’s use Teams


Languages are supported


have +10,000 active users