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NuWave Wholesale is a global leader in wholesale communications’ with services in forty-four countries and the US. As a Wholesale partner with NuWave you will have instant access to a global a network that has been in development for over 20 years. We a West Coast and East Coast Super Network Access Point (SNAP) and 16 Network Access Points (NAP) to bring our networks together. With a best in class policy it has given NuWave the strategic technical edge to keep pace with an ever-changing needs of the technology market. In addition to the highest quality of network and service, NuWave also takes pride in being extremely price competitive.

When partnering up with NuWave you will have an instant team and support!

NuWave’s approach to the wholesale PBX market is to give our resellers every tool they need to be successful while constantly developing new features for the future. A Hosted PBX platform is only as good as it’s backend infrastructure which is why we work tirelessly to innovate in this space and why we have built out two different facilities on either side of the US.

The NuWave hosted PBX platform is the most economical and advanced option for your small and medium business customers.

Want to join us? We are a global leader in wholesale communications!