Dedicated Internet Access

guaranteed bandwidth keeping you connected

Dedicated Internet AccessDedicated Internet Access

Being connected is critical to the success of any business. With NuWave’s Dedicated Internet you will be connected and with a reliable and fast network. Unlike internet provided by cable companies, your internet will remain its top speed even during high traffic times because your connection is a dedicated connection and not shared with others. All service providers can offer their fast internet but Nuwave monitors our network and it is self healing making sure you stay working and productive.

At NuWave we believe in customizing your solutions to match your needs. We will help evaluate your current needs and match them with the right solutions available.


Future Proof

As your business grows so will your demands on your network and it can be done effortlessly.


NuWave offers speeds of 1.5Mbps to 10Gbps.


NuWave has multiple redundancies in place to make sure you continue to work.
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